Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Pi Day!

Pi Today, March 14th, is Pi Day. (Get it? Third month, fourteenth day; pi=3.14…) While the first Pi Day was celebrated back in 1988 with staff of the San Francisco Exploratorium marching around one of its circular spaces and eating fruit pies, it took until March 12, 2009 for the U.S. House of Representatives to pass a non-binding resolution recognizing March 14th at National Pi Day.

So now that it is an “official” holiday and all that, I thought I’d pop in here to tell you all to have a great day, or night as it is now, and also give you three great reminders of what 3.1415926535… has brought to the pop culture world.

First, there’s the mathematical thriller Pi from Darren Aronofsky about a paranoid mathematician who searches for a key number that will unlock the universal patterns found in nature.

Second, there’s the always absolutely amazing Kate Bush and her song, Pi.

And lastly, there’s The Net, the cyber-thriller where Sandra Bullock is thrown into a web of computer espionage after clicking on a mysterious pi symbol found at the bottom of her computer screen after loading a program sent to her to de-bug.

I would also like to add that you should most definitely be eating some pie, specifically a pi pie, while you break out the movie Pi tonight.

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  1. Pi day? lol, never heared about it, really enjoyed the idea. Thanks!

  2. Summer says:

    This calls for a Pi-eyed celebration!

  3. Jules says:

    Pi Day? Holiday? Why don't we in the UK know about this and when do we get a national holiday out of this? Teeeeh! Great idea and I'm rooting for it to catch on worldwide – always looking for more ways to take it easy over here in Europe, UK.

    Great Kate Bush tune by the way, thanks.

  4. First time I've heard of pi-day but its a very clever idea. Also its another day to celebrate and drink so there's nothing wrong with that.

  5. godofwar3 says:

    Pi Day was my birthday thank for sharing this

  6. Very clever hahah! I didn't know this, might have to share it on facebook to get the word out.

  7. Abhishek says:

    :) Nice post. Though I was never aware of a “Pi” day!

  8. I had to laugh out loud when I saw this title. I just learned of this day as my son's new school celebrated it this year. What I love most about it….it brings to light math in a fun way. Go figure! If more educators can figure out how to make math fun more kids would probably excel at it. Thanks for a great post.

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