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Sarah Palin is Not a Feminist

Sarah Palin I woke up yesterday and by the time I was awake for 11 minutes I felt like I had been punched in the gut several times after reading on several conservative blogs how Sarah Palin, McCain’s VP pick, is such a great feminist role model. After doing some research on this woman whom I’ve never even heard of before it became abundantly clear–Not only is Sarah Palin not a feminist, she is as anti-woman as Bush and McCain combined. That is the reason why McCain picked her; not because she is a woman and he wanted to be underhanded (which he totally did,) but because she’s a Republican, conservative man who just happens to be in a woman’s body.

Feminism means to stand up for human rights; it means to stand up for equality and the freedoms and liberties of people and Sarah Palin is disgustingly right wing, anti-choice and has no record of representing women’s interests; though her record in general is quite minuscule.

So here are some things you should know about Sarah Palin–The woman vice presidential candidate with strong, anti-woman policies.

Palin is adamantly opposed to reproductive rights. She opposes abortion including in cases of rape and incest. She opposes birth control, emergency contraception and just like McCain, is all about abstinence-only education. Basically, she agrees with McCain regarding all forms of sexuality and wants to tell people everywhere that if they have sex, that woman better be damn ready to squeeze out that baby in 9 months. A McCain/Palin regime for women would look eerily similar to this.

Palin has absolutely no federal or international experience whatsoever. Prior to being the governor of Alaska for less than two years, (I can’t believe she and Mike Gravel actually share a state) she was the mayor of a small town made up of around 6,000 people. Before that, she was a beauty queen. (Is McCain looking for a new mistress? A third wife, perhaps?)

I found it oddly peculiar how the Republicans who were bashing Obama about not having enough experience are fully supporting a McCain/Palin ticket when Palin has no experience at all.

Palin strongly supports big oil. Hell, not only does she support it, she’s profiting from it with her husband working for an oil company. A McCain/Palin ticket would mean just more of the same when it comes to going after countries for their oil–They both make a killing from it and us meager, middle class Americans can just keep enlisting in the military and having our lives taken away from us in vain to support the wallets of these people. Oh, did I mention she’s 100% pro-war? Yeah…no surprise.

She believes that global warming is not only not man-made, but is a total farce and goes as far as to being opposed to listing the polar bear on the endangered species list. But that isn’t her only anti-animal policy; she also supports aerial shooting of bears and wolves in Alaska.

She is in favor of public schools teaching abstinence-only education (Alaska is currently considering spending more on abstinence-only sex education) and creationism. I can see the syllabus…”Yes, a man in the sky made you and he says not to have sex until you’re married no matter what. Got it? And if you are raped, even if you’re raped by a member of your family and become pregnant you will have that baby!”

When it comes to other issues of women, such as equal pay for equal work, she is following McCain’s lead and isn’t even on the record.

Palin has went on the record, however, with how she feels about LGBT rights:

“[…] she’s not out to judge anyone and has good friends who are gay, but that she supported the 1998 constitutional amendment.

Elected officials can’t defy the court when it comes to how rights are applied, she said, but she would support a ballot question that would deny benefits to homosexual couples.

“I believe that honoring the family structure is that important,” Palin said.

She said she doesn’t know if people choose to be gay.

“But, but, but…I have gay friends!” Come on. And why hasn’t she asked these said gay friends if they chose to be gay? For the record: No, people do not choose to be gay and if they did, who do you think would choose to be denied basic, human rights and be discriminated against to such a degree? There are the cases of Brandon Teena, Matthew Shepard and so many others who have been brutally attacked and killed for nothing other than the fact that they happened to be gay. Who would choose to be the target for hate crimes? Yeah, I don’t think so.

Best of all, Palin has already managed to get herself involved in a scandal:

A legislative investigation is looking into allegations that Palin fired Alaska’s public safety commissioner because he refused to fire the governor’s former brother-in-law, a state trooper.

Palin acknowledged that a member of her staff made a call to a trooper in which the staffer suggested he was speaking for the governor.

Palin has admitted that the call could be interpreted as pressure to fire state trooper Mike Wooten, who was locked in a child-custody battle with Palin’s sister.

This is a direct abuse of power on her part and I don’t want to see what else she is capable of if she ever saw the white house.

Sarah Palin stands for everything Hillary Clinton is against so please, Hillary supporters, do not be fooled.

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  1. michellew_ says:

    I don't think you have to worry. Any self respecting Hillary supporter will see through this GOP created farce right away. I really enjoyed this post btw. While I appreciate the fact that Sarah Palin is a mother of 5 children, and a woman (though you may beg to differ), that is where our similarities end. I for one am not buying the whole, “but, but, but you're a woman you just have to vote for her” arguement. I don't know too many intelligent women who will.

  2. michellew_ says:

    I should add that I didn't mean that I don't know too many intelligent women who will vote for McCain/Palin, I am sure there are many very intelligent women who will. What I meant was that I don't know too many intelligent women who would go against their own political beliefs or personal values solely to cast a vote for Palin or any other woman, simply because she's woman. Just wanted to clear that up BEFORE the hate started. :)

  3. Mark says:

    Sounds like sour grapes to me, this is a very strong independent woman of sound moral character. When asked by her doctor if she wanted to have an abortion to kill her baby with down syndrome she said no. How can you say this woman is not a feminist when she fallows the original feminist Susan B, Anthony who also was staunchly pro life but also was a strong independent woman of high moral character who like Sarah loved her husband first and her children second. People are getting tired of your self centered secular humanist bs that worships and the shrine of extreme environmentalists who push for abortion on demand and zero population growth. It is people with your view point who are racist that support Planned Parenthood and their holocaust of Black America where Black woman make 6% of the population and comprise 40% of all abortions. Not to mention the countless woman who have committed suicide over the guilt of having an abortion that is three times the national average. Who truly cares about woman, certainly radical socialists at Planned Parenthood who want to destroy America and they have done a really good job since 1973 contributing in large part to the 50,000,000 million babies killed. This pathetic, those who are for protecting innocent life are not extreme it is those who support it that are.

  4. KC says:

    Mark, I'm terribly sorry to throw this at you but, while you're stats are not arguable (“It is people with your view point who are racist that support Planned Parenthood and their holocaust of Black America where Black woman make 6% of the population and comprise 40% of all abortions.”) did you ever stop to think WHY it's Black women that comprise 40% of all abortions? Could it be because we're still a relatively racist, sexist country? Do you realize that feminist International Relation theories see that all over the world (including developed nations like the US) women are the ones who suffer when it comes to trying to find jobs, hold a steady income and pay off their own doctors bills let alone their children's? I would also like to point out that Planned Parenthood does the opposite of what you think it does. Planned Parenthood is NOT an abortion clinic nor do they try to sway you one way or the other. They provide reduced (or free) birth control for people unable to afford it as well as other contraceptives (condoms, etc.) to help prevent unwanted pregnancy and to slow or stop the spread of STD's in America. It also provides reduced price prenatal care to women who decide to keep the child. And why is it always “Socialist organizations”? If you can explain to me what the roots of Socialism are based on (an educational answer) you would see how very wrong you are. I am tired of Socialists getting a bad name because everyone thinks Socialism and Communism are one in the same.

    I would also like to point out that if the woman has gotten herself into the situation of deciding whether or not to have a baby, it is her choice. Why have a child you cannot afford to care for? So our prisons fill up with women charged with child neglect, sell their kids for drugs or alcohol? So that adoption agencies continue to fill with children that could not be cared for by their mothers and/or fathers and sit in the system until they are 18 when they are thrown on the streets- many of them (statistically) social miscreants? Why? So people like you can bitch about the bum on the street trying to get a few cents from you for a burger? Maybe if we had better state-funded healthcare (oops…that's the Socialist in me talking, right?), less unemployment because of our fantastic conservative economic policies (sorry, Reaganomics didn't work 30 years ago, it won't work today) we wouldn't have to MAKE that choice. Or are you drawing on the assumption (since the Black Women stat is the one you chose) that these women are impoverished, drug-users from the city who sleep around. Would you like to see the statistics on white women between the ages of 15-25 that have abortions? If you're daughter came home to you, fifteen years of age, pregnant because you wouldn't allow her to be on birth control and you couldn't afford the baby or the prenatal care (that the nutwing socialist group Planned Parenthood provides at low cost) and yelled up and down about how you taught her abstinence, what would you do? How would you react?

    Being feminist doesn't mean you support abortion or sleeping around, it means you support a woman's ability to CHOOSE. I'm a feminist and a socialist and I don't believe in abortion unless the baby is a product of rape and/or incest or will more than likely die (along with mother) at birth- but I support a woman's right to choose. Who am I to say what everyone else should be able to do with their body? Yes, it is THEIR body. As long as that child relies on its mother for support it is a part of her body.

    Always better to be an environmentalists than it is to be delusional :)

  5. Janet says:

    Any thoughts I had about voting for McCain ('cause I wasn't a big Obama fan) have definitely been squashed with this appointment by McCain. I can't believe, no wait, I can totally believe that he would do something so ignorant and underhanded as deciding that his running mate should be one of the most anti-women women in the world. It's just so ugh! The only thing that I think she could possibly get anything from Hillary fans is the sympathy vote because her last kid was born with Down's Syndrome.

  6. dotlizard says:

    i could not agree more without spraining something. and it's not just her views on denying women their reproductive rights, supporting oil, and being pro-war — it's the thought of someone with NO foreign policy experience WHATSOEVER, not even a little bit, being a heartbeat away from having to lead this country and keep us out of World War Three, which you can't tell me isn't looming right here in front of us. North Korea? Russia? Iraq/Iran? Israel/Palestine?

    And the corruption allegations that have already surfaced in her brief tenure as Governor are very worrisome, as they speak to the kind of cronyism and old-boy networking that has been so disastrous with the current administration. and when you consider the oily company she keeps, i don't even want to think about the back-room deals that would be struck.

    if McCain would be Bush, continued, McCain/Palin would be Bush squared.

    the only hope would be that her lack of experience at high-level corruption would prevent her doing too much damage. i mean, sure, she's bad, but she's no Dick Cheney.

  7. Trisha says:

    As more time goes by I'm becoming even more baffled by the choice of Palin – she's totally unqualified. And I do really hope women aren't fooled into voting for McCain. It is possible to be female and anti-woman, apparently. And anti-environment, anti-science, etc.

    “if McCain would be Bush, continued, McCain/Palin would be Bush squared. ” – that's really good!

  8. Mark says:

    Hello KC thanks for the reply my beef is not with women, it is with people lying to us. To be honest I actually blame men for this situation way more than women, in a lot of situations women are let on there own and yes I understand this. What I am trying to say as America can and should do better than abortion it is not just a blob of tissue it is a human being we all need to take responsibility for this problem and I for one have, my ex wife had an affair and she came back crying to me that she was pregnant and I took her to all the doctor appointments to make sure this child was born because I feel so strongly against it that hey if you talk the talk you better walk the walk. So the child was born and she bolted again, who knows this kid may find a cure for cancer, you never know. So great to talk with you and I hope we can come up with a better option to at least further curb abortion on demand

    I think we need to see more churches step up to the plate and stand in the gap for women in crisis as we are country in many ways that lacks compassion that is why we are in this mess. Talk is talk, but true love is to walk the extra mile with someone and help a women see the option of adoption that why she dose not have to go through the gilt and trauma of abortion

  9. Mark says:

    Well now why would I be supporting Planned Parenthood when I despise them, what you have to do is look at their founder Margret Sanger and her views of minorities and black people as be less than human, how can you say that Planned Parenthood this explains why the vast majority of the abortion clinics are in minority neighborhoods. Check out this explains the history of this evil orgination They are the ones promoting permissques sex on their tenwire website that has been praised by the porno industry and they also have no time for abstinence education and responsibility because they want teenagers to have sex so they will eventually get pregnant and have to come in for an abortion. They don't tell their patients that is a human being but a blob of tissue, that's lie life is a gift form God and I don't know if you are religious or not and not trying to push it on you but Jesus said I have come to bring you life, and bring you life more abundantly. While the devil comes like a thief in the night to kill and destroy . The point is the vast majority of abortions preformed are out of convenience and 45% of woman who have had them have had more than one. There is no moral responsibility here that is why socialism and communism is responsibly for murdering more people than anyone since its formation 160 years ago, no one else comes close. Because they have taken God out of the equation, there God is power, absolute power. You show me someone who dose not fear God or man and I will show you a murderer. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. KC I am no racist and I don't think you are either God bless and I hope you will see the truth and it will set you free

  10. Felicia says:

    Right on!!!! This is a gimmick and it is so transparent!!! Woman NEED to know what they would be voting into office. We NEED to do as much we can to spread the word and put these social issues on the front burner, it is a weak spot for Republicans. John McCain is obviously willing to put winning an election before his country!!!!

  11. Planned Parenthood is not solely an abortion clinic. My neighborhood Planned Parenthood does not even perform abortions at all. Planned Parenthood is a facility that offers women real sex education, none of that “just don't do it because bad things will happen to you if you do” bullshit. Abstinence-only education has no right to be taught anywhere to anyone because it has been proven time and time again that abstinence-only education programs do NOT work. By preaching abstinence you are moving educated individuals backwards and preaching to young teenagers and children not to have sex, you are doing nothing but making them more interested and that is where Planned Parenthood comes in. Planned Parenthood offers birth control and condoms to women who want to have sex but do not want to have a child. Sex is natural, it is normal and it is a fact that women want to have sex and not have a child. If you're preaching that birth control should not be taken by women, where is your argument that men should not be given the right to have a vasectomy? Not every sperm is sacred and not every ejaculation deserves a name.

    Planned Parenthood also offers counseling before a woman will be granted her right to an abortion, which is to say the least, insulting to a woman's intelligence to begin with, but they do it so people like you can be quiet about it already. They also offer STD testing and antibiotics to either get rid of the STD or keep it at bay. They also offer pregnancy testing and care for pregnant women all at little to no cost for women who don't have enough money for their mortgage, rent, food and raising the kids they have already and I'm sorry to break it to you, but women of all races are poor. I, for one, am white and pretty middle to low class and have benefited from Planned Parenthood and not because I needed an abortion.

    Planned Parenthood are not based solely in minority neighborhoods, they have clinics wherever they can and in any neighborhood they can because they know that there are women everywhere who are not religious. I am very sorry to fill you in on the fact that god just doesn't exist in a lot of people's lives and those people should not be required to live the same type of lives that religious people do. America is the place for freedom of religion, sure, but it's implied that you must pick a religion. When do we get freedom FROM religion?

    Lastly, if you are going to spread your religious propaganda here, please back it up with facts, which do not include religious sources of any kind or any website who uses religion, scare tactics and insult the intelligence and rights of women in any part on their website or else your further comments will be deleted.

    Thank you.

  12. Mark says:

    First of all you do not represent all the women as the majority of people are now 54% pro life and the more people know about abortion the more they understanding it is morally wrong and murder. Funny how socialist always want to censor the truth as the tried in the Soviet Union but funny how the truth always wins out in the end. The trouble with people like you is you want freedoms without any kind of responsibility. That's ok the truth will eventually come out and I can guarantee Planned Parenthood and the abortion on demand and wonton atitudes about sex will come out on the wrong side of history as did slavery and Germany in WW II. God bless and hopefully you will see the truth of what PP is really doing and stop listen to their secular humanist propaganda

  13. No, Mark, I do not represent all women, I chose to start a website that declares what I, an American, middle-class woman believes and thinks. I do not push my views on other people, I do not tell people to read my website, they choose to read this website because maybe there are some other women (and even men) who believe and thank the same as I do and want a place to voice their concerns and take part in respectful conversations. You are not being respectful in the least (not even close) by coming here and leaving comments saying that all women who have abortions are murderers. I do not know if you know this or not, but this isn't a post about how I feel about abortion, but there are many other posts here that do voice my opinion on abortion that you could have picked instead of just jumping in the most recent post that speaks about pregnancy and tooting your pro-life horn.

    Why is it that “people like you” always jump to the word “socialist” and feel the need to mention Germany, WWII and slavery? Do you not have anything else to come up with? Dig a little deeper because your “examples” are so overdone and are thrown in the faces of the pro-CHOICE (not pro-abortion, but pro-choice) population so much that we are becoming desensitized to your shock tactics.

    I am very sorry that you obviously could not come up with any other facts on this issue besides what your church says your god told them is truth. When you speak to this god personally and ask him/her/it/etc. their opinion please get back to me and do not cite from the bible because the bible was not written by your god, it was written from nothing but hearsay and that's in the history books. Also, as I'm assuming you're a member of organized religion, jesus said not to worship as part of an organized or even in a small group–He said that prayer was intimate and that it should take place in the privacy of your own home so the next time you decide to go to a website and yell 'murder' and use church and religion as a backup, make sure the webmaster of that website doesn't know more about religion than you do. Oh, and did I mention I was raised strict Roman Catholic and went to church twice a week until I reached the age of reason? Yeah…take some points into consideration before website-hopping and spreading your venom.

  14. Mark says:

    Actually the statistic I have are from Alan Gutmacher Institute Planned Parenthoods think tank, not exactly subjective info if you would have read what I said in my original passage not only do I not call women murders I call Planned Parenthood murders because they have contributed to 50,000,000 million abortions(murders) since 1973 these are facts from the US Center for Disease control and not venom but the truth. The bible is the inspired word of God and that is your “choice” to reject but there are consequences to all are choices. Why can't we be a society that values all children and rethink abortion on demand. I am not trying to hate on anyone. We humans only like to here things we agree with that is ture no matter who we are.
    To be honest men are by and large the contributing factor to this whole mess, it was men who forced Betty Fridan to push for abortion in the feminist movement in 1966 and it was the all male supreme court who passed this right into law. So hey I can also tell you I have friends on both sides of the issue and in a lot case boyfriends and husbands push women into abortions. These guys are pathetic pigs totally disgusting. We can do better than this mess we need to have a more compasionate society. Don't you agree?

  15. calinazaret says:

    When I got married, I was no longer covered by my mom's health insurance, and had to go to Planned Parenthood for birth control. I was able to receive quality care from a physician–all for free– and now I have the freedom to “plan” my “parenthood”. I have the freedom to further my education, rather than stay at home taking care of three kids. I have the freedom to contribute more to society than I would have if not for the free services I received. I've never gotten an abortion; I never had to, thanks to planned parentood.

    Quite frankly, I think you have no idea what you are talking about.

  16. I agree that men who force their girlfriends and wives to have abortions are pathetic, disgusting pigs but when a woman goes in for an abortion, she is counseled before having one and told that it is ultimately their decision to do so and no one else's. You cannot lump all women who have abortions as being forced to have an abortion; a lot of women do so because it is their choice and because they have freedom over their own bodies and have the right, according to law, to have that choice. Stop insulting the intelligence of women, that too is disgusting and pathetic.

    I am also not a big fan of your underlying scare tactics. “There are consequences to all choices” and putting murders in parenthesis. What may be a human being to you may be a zygote to someone else; like I have stated earlier, this is not your playground to spread your venom and this is really your last warning because I'm getting sick of fielding your comments and watching you insult the intelligence of both men and women who may disagree with you.

  17. Joel says:

    Freedom – such an interesting concept and also a conundrum.

    Rhetoric and dogma.

    My history: (short story)
    Baptist Minister
    Joins the Army
    Serves 20 years – the last 12 in Special Operations
    Been in more countries than we have states.
    Broken body – messed up head.
    and MALE.

    Now the judgmental might think based on this that I might just be a sexist, among other things.

    Added history:
    Raised by a single mother in the 70’s
    Only sibling is a female
    Married 3 times – Good friends with 2 ex-wives – the 3d passed away.
    Close friends of both genders
    Have supervised females and been supervised by females.

    I can truthfully say by observation and experiences that qualified females in the work place are not treated the same as males, have to work harder, and for the most part, not paid equitably as their male counterparts, nor are they generally respected the same. I have also witnessed similar in higher education. I despise discrimination and inequity in all its forms. However, this is not just gender related and will always exist as long as humans walk the earth. Our battle in this country should be to eliminate as much as possible, yet also realize there will never be 100% success (my opinion).

    Every woman (and yes I mean every woman) that I have been close to since I was 19 has shared with me that they have been raped at least once in their lifetimes. Statistics available on the internet reflect that over 40 million women in the United States have been sexually traumatized before their 18th birthday. I abhor this behavior, regardless of gender. I do support the death penalty for rape (this may seem contrary to my religious views) after due process etc…

    I do not agree with abortion of convenience (But I will not judge or line up in protest). However, I support a woman’s choice if she was raped etc… I am ethically inclined due to religious beliefs to support all life. However, I am not GOD, and Jesus was not born to die for all the “good” people. We answer for our choices in the end – regardless of application to religious beliefs. I do believe that women seeking abortion should be advised, counseled, and/or educated on their choice and it’s implications (if applicable) to their physical and mental health in the future (leave GOD out of it unless this assistance is sought out through clergy)

    I do not believe in gay marriage. However, it’s not my place to judge. I do take offense when counterpoint is not allowed to be presented. There is no one answer here and people have disagreed about this subject long before any of us were born, let alone generations before us. This is why I support education that teaches creationism as well as evolution and other beliefs. Let people have the knowledge and make up their own minds.

    My religious view point is that GOD gave all humans the ability to choose (Freedom of will) and my experience is that everyone answers in some way during their life for the choices they have made (reap what you sow). GOD is the only one qualified to judge our actions in life – not me. Consequently, clergy’s responsibility to their flocks is to educate, teach and preach, as well as to enlarge the flock by going into the local communities and doing the same. I have met many clergy in my years that struggle with problems of self righteousness and in the end all it does is push people away from GOD. Not just clergy (smile), but their flocks as well. My advice to anyone practicing the Catholic/Protestant religions is to tell yourself daily that you are a sinner too, and compassion and understanding go much further than rebuke and judgment.

    My religious view also dictates how I view the genders and equality. MAN and WOMAN are supposed to be a TEAM. Things are not always equal in that relationship. But there is no equality in any relationship – nothing is ever exactly 50/50. Team relationships overlap and certain members have strengths that make up for another’s weaknesses. This is fact – not fiction. Can there be true equality in a relationship – yes, but my observation in 49 years is that that balance is rarely maintained.

    I could type more, and I have probably typed too much…. But I am trying to get something across to some of you.

    I live in America by choice. I have killed for the freedoms I enjoy. I have sacrificed my health for those freedoms. Even though I get real irritated at silly, thoughtless rhetoric, dogma/propaganda and unsupported opinion portrayed as truth, I daily remind myself that you are free to speak and think as you will. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this is the behavior of our political leaders as well, and why, in my opinion, nothing gets accomplished in a timely manner in our government (local/state/federal). Fill all the offices with flexible and open minded people that can compromise on issues that are for the good of all of us. YET, when necessary can lead and make tough choices for all of us. Leaders need to be masters of all leadership styles – implying they should know when to use what style etc…

    I have my reasons for voting for McCain and Palin. For the record – Palin is not the youngest, nor the most inexperienced VP nominee in our countries history. Do the research. I know McCain is a leader and knows how to lead. Palin strikes me as having the same qualities. Do not dismiss the idea that that may be exactly why she was chosen.

    I never go into anything blindly, I don’t follow my genitals, and I try to educate myself before making decisions. Sometimes, even after all of that, you are left with just your gut instinct. After all – our politicians are just as human as the rest of us.

  18. calinazaret says:

    (my comment was directed at Mark in case there was confusion)

  19. Jonesy says:

    “Feminism means to stand up for human rights”

    And just who stands up for the human rights of the human unborn? Have you ever seen a 3-month old embryo suck its thumb? I have.

    Week 9 There is rapid development of the limbs and fingers, and the soft bony tissues of the upper limbs begin to calcify and harden. Development of the intestines is quite prominent as well. The developing ears and nose are visible and there is pigment in the retina.

    Week 10 The upper and lower portions of the arms and legs are clearly seen. The bony tissues of the lower limbs begin to calcify. The fingers and toes are lengthening and are separate digits. For the first time in development, the arms and legs purposefully move. By the end of week 10, the embryo has very distinct human features, and weighs about 1/3 of one ounce. There are 20 tiny tooth buds present in the gums. The eyelids are developing and begin to close.

  20. John says:

    Awesome Article!! Thanks


    Professional White Guy Sick of Bush and his ilk.

  21. Janet says:

    Sarah Palin is not a feminist. She supports “abstinence” only programs in schools. Now we know how well that worked with her own daughter. Nice that they can afford to bring another mouth to feed into the world. Not every woman can afford another child even if she's married.

    McCain has voted numerous times against funding for teen pregnancy education programs; he's voted against funding programs (like Planned Parenthood) that provide breast and cervical cancer screening. And he's voted against allowing MILITARY SERVICEWOMEN from getting an abortion at an overseas military hospital even if THEY PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES. So the women who chose to serve our country get NO CHOICE when it comes to choosing to be a mother or not. McCain/Palin- no way!! Besides she's not qualified to step into the Presidency if necessary on Day Two.

  22. Joel says:

    Ah labels…….

    Would you please tell me what a feminist is ? ANYONE ?

    The fact is that it’s pretty generic… many pro-life advocates call themselves feminists too. After all – choice includes choosing life as well as abortion. A woman in the 1800’s was repressed and denied rights…. So if Sarah has a gun and goes to shoot things… Is she a man, a tomboy, or a feminist? If Sarah goes after political position, which at one time was denied, what is she? Just because she may not have the same beliefs as someone else doesn’t preclude her from that label.

    As for me – I will respect your opinion and Sarah’s.

    Personally – I think we need to step out from behind these labels and own up to the rights of individuals regardless of race or gender.

  23. frogcatcher912 says:

    Sarah Palin gave birth to a baby with Down's Syndrome at the age of 44.

    Is anyone else appalled at this?

    The risk of giving birth to a baby with Down's Syndrome is extremely high in women over 40 (and even higher when the father is also over 40).

    Sarah Palin “opposes the use of birth control pills and condoms even among married couples”.

    I am disgusted by this irresponsible behaviour. To give birth at age 44 to a baby with Down's because you refuse to use birth control inexcusable. Ignoring the dangers that you expose yourself and your baby to by refusing to use birth control after 40 is negligent, careless, and nauseating. To believe that a woman like this has the opportunity to become Vice President of the United States of America in 2008 makes me ill.

    Does anyone else share this opinion?

  24. Joel says:

    I hear so much here and there about the right to choose –

    I suppose that only applies to certain people whom we agree with ?

    Some would say having an abortion or getting pregnant is irresponsible, inexcusable, negligent, careless, and nauseating.

    I know many women who have had babies in their 40's and one college proffesor who had one even later than that.

    So what is it? What's fair for some is fair for all? Or throw the whole idea of choice out the window and adopt an attitude of “I am the only right person”

    Sarah knew the risk – and made a choice – and we condemn her because we do not agree ?

    Sorry – I do not agree with you.

  25. duffer says:

    what is “appalling, nauseating, and makes me ill” is the blind hypocracy of the above post.

  26. duffer says:

    sorry, the frogs post.

  27. Mark says:

    Obama dose not have any foriegn policey experience nor dose he have any excutive experience. He has never led any committies in the senate, so she actually has more experience than him. Besides I like the fact that Sarah is outside the beltway out side the good old boys network. Lets face it no one knows about her or Barack let see what happens should be be exciting

  28. “I've never gotten an abortion; I never had to, thanks to planned parentood.”

    Here, here!

    Okay, I have good insurance coverage, so I go to this excellent women's health clinic rather than PP, but the point is still the same. I don't want to get pregnant, but I don't want to have an abortion. Fortunately, my pro-birth-control, pro-choice clinic has helped me figure out the best birth control methods to use so that I don't have to ever have an abortion.

    (For the record, I would get an abortion if I found myself with an unwanted pregnancy. I'd just rather not have an unwanted pregnancy in the first place.)

  29. Why do the rights of the embryo outweigh the rights of the person on which it is completely dependent? Why does an embryo have more rights than a 2-year-old child? What makes an embryo so special that its rights get to trump everybody else's?

  30. Mark says:

    You go girl, and the original feminist Susan B. Anthony would agree and she was a Proverbs 31 kind women sounds like you are too. If you ever read this passage it is good this woman was large and in charge but yet worked together with her family and husband. My grandmother was a school superintendent and a mother of six. So I have a lot respect for woman like yourself who have strong moral charicter

  31. Mark says:

    Because we all were once an emryo. Just as to say if you were in New York in the morning and arrived in LA in the afternoon. Would you be more of a person in New York than LA? Of course not much in the same way you are the same person in the womb you just travel six inches down the birth canal when you are born.

  32. Marian says:

    Sarah Palin is the kind of feminist that the corrupt communistic-feminism party could never understand, because she tells women to take responsibility for their actions. The current feminazi mindset screws women up so badly that they believe only seeking new ways to get out of taking responsibility, or dumping their responsibilities on others.

    This in no way insinuates men are living perfect either, in fact the metro-sexual “wimp chic” movement is destroying mens abilities to not only take care of themselves but a family period. It's a shame to the world, not a blessing. I've known many so-called “nice guy wimps” who were porn-obsessed slimeballs. The feminazi desire to destroy their sons confidence as a strong man is sick and shameful. When a womans car breaks down or she needs something very heavy moved, it isn't these indoor-loving house-trained metrosexuals they find they are grateful for, it's the men who still have a remnant of male stregnth and honor who will help a lady without whining about how their back hurts now.

    Sarah Palin is the at the heart of what makes a woman a good feminist – she knows that family is a blessing, and that it is women's responsibility to make sure that each life created has a chance. Killing your baby really is an evil deed, whether you do it while it is inside you or sitting in it's playpen at 2. If human life is not sacred from beginning to end, then the middle doesn't matter. It is the abortion reality in our culture that sits in the backs of people's minds and makes them devalue human life even more. We could be so much better than we are.

    Just as it is a males duty to risk his life to protect the tribe, community or country, it is a womans duty to have courage when it comes to birthing the children she creates. It takes guts to be a mother or own up to mistakes, this is something the feminazi movement doesn't understand because it is all about going as far as possible to shirk anything resembling a 'duty'. You do not need to be a house-bound kitchen slave to be a conservative woman, as Sarah Palin proves! She is a smart, funny, smiling, happy conservative and a strong woman with lots of beautiful children and a to-die-for hot husband. ;o) She wins at life.

  33. You are wrong says:

    I was unaware that being a feminist required you to believe in anthropological global warming, support gay rights, or oppose oil. I can imagine the chants of women seeking the right to vote: “A vote and an end to global warming and also gay rights! Oh, and no more oil!”

    Feminism is not about the bullshit you just spewed across the internet. Feminism is about equal rights for women. It has been hijacked by radical leftists like you and twisted to be something it is not. You can be a feminist and be a Republican. The only thing you can't be, apparently, is a Democrat and capable of rational thought.

    The funny thing about you attacking Palin's experience is that she has more executive experience than the Obamassiah and just as much international experience.

  34. You are wrong says:

    Silly Joel,

    These are liberals you are talking to. You have the right to choose, but only if you make the same choices they do. Hypocrasy thy name is Democrat.

  35. Joel says:

    Our country faces a huge challenge (in my opinion) to teach/re-teach all individuals to take responsibility for their actions.

    It’s everywhere, just look around….. For me it’s a struggle to keep my own children on track, as they want to blame everything/everyone around them first.

    This is the biggest reason I have for not supporting the democratic ticket. It’s not that I do not believe that social welfare programs are not beneficial – but in their current form they hurt in the long run and teach people that the government is responsible for them and their actions. That’s a short snip – not the long explanation of my opinion.

    So many people have issues with George Bush, but he has taken responsibility for his actions. For that I respect him. I would rather have a person of character leading this country than a charismatic orator.

    Don’t misunderstand and start flaming me – If I was the current GOP nominee and I won the election, Obama and Clinton (Hillary) would be the first two I would ask to work with me. They both have some great ideas…. and this country needs to pull it up and out together.

  36. Avery Otto says:

    Thank you for your intelligence and detailed analysis of Sarah Palin. Sarah doesn't demonstrate leadership qualities in her mothering skills. The type of fire and brimstone social responsibility is not a healthy way of reflecting the diversity that makes up our American culture. We are facing a huge transition in our climate, resources, and social structure. Read more about this at

  37. Joel says:

    I read your link…

    I suppose if it was a man for VP that had a wife with 5 kids etc… it would be OK?

  38. Mike S says:

    Sarah Palin does, in fact, support birth control.


    She doesn't feel that it is the state's responsibility to teach kids about it. That's a parent's responsibility. Whether or not she had this talk with Bristol and was just ignored is unknown.

  39. Joel says:

    Another link to listen/watch her – Election and legislative sessions in Alaska

  40. Holly, I just want to thank you for continuing to put words to what have been my thoughts for YEARS. You may have an almost constant barrage of people preaching to you about reason when they believe in something as unreasonable as the bible (as well as the belief that it somehow conveys the word of 'god'), but I'm here to say that I, for one, see through their hypocrisy and blind accusations.

    While Mark may call Palin a “very strong independent woman of sound moral character,” I think those words fit YOU much better. You're a kind, caring person who is genuinely concerned for the well-being of women everywhere.

    Palin is using her private life to perpetuate the republican pro-life agenda. If you think using your own family and putting your pregnant daughter who is still a CHILD on display is any less of a crime than the atrocity you claim abortion is, then your moral compass is seriously out of whack.

    As a Hillary supporter from the get-go, I can't agree with the last line in this entry more.

  41. Joel says:

    Sorry – forgot to paste it.

  42. Joel says:

    I believe in the bible and still respect your freedom to choose. I find your words offensive, but respect that you have the right to make them.

    I don’t accuse nor do I consider myself a hypocrite.

    I do not know Holly, nor do I know Sarah – However, from reading their words, I believe both should be respected. As I respect you, although I may not agree with you.

    I imagine that there was a conspiracy 5 months ago to impregnate Bristol in order to put her on public display? Now if that were true, I might agree with that statement you made.

    Although I have little respect for Bill Clinton, I have great respect for Hillary and her accomplishments.

    Regardless of who is elected – the divisiveness of certain issues will preclude any change in this country unless we can overcome the far left and right rhetoric that precludes change.

  43. Believe it or not, I don't mean to offend. Nor do I reserve offense for people who hold opposing views. In fact, I enjoy discussing issues with people who have different views on things as it helps me to grow as a person.

    I've only been dropping by this blog for the past few days and I've seen some people throw some exceptionally harsh words at the author of this blog (Holly) for merely stating her opinion.

    My words were directed (mostly in anger) at Mark. I apologize if I've offended you as you seem to be a very respectful person who deserves that same respect in return.

    As for what I said about Palin putting her daughter on display, what I think may be possible is they've known about her pregnancy. I think the McCain campaign saw it as a tool to push their pro-life agenda.

  44. Kit_r says:

    “Sarah Palin is the kind of feminist that the corrupt communistic-feminism party could never understand, because she tells women to take responsibility for their actions.”

    Not so. Indeed, quite the opposite.

    First the rape case: here's a metaphor for you. If I decide to go to the shops then that is my chosen action and I must take responsibility for it. If someone steals my credit card, then it is not my action, but somebody else's, and therefore I am being asked to take responsibility for somebody else's actions (far beyond the call of duty). So she is telling women to take responsibility for everybody's actions, which is quite a different thing. But let's leave the rape topic to one side now, because it's essentially a strawman.

    Outside the rape case, enforcing a given ('morally vetted') course of action on women does not mean that they are being 'told' to 'take responsibility for their actions'. It means that they are being treated as though they are incapable of making the moral decision without being forced to do so. Basically this attitude boils down to “Palin believes that women other than herself cannot make moral decisions on topics involving family and sex, and should therefore be forced to accept her own”.

    My eyes were rather opened to the dangers of this sort of thing by reading about Saudi Arabian society. It seems that many women are complicit in propagating the extremes of Muslim society – enforcing extremes of virtue, modesty and limits to activity and behaviour. 'Holier than thou' is a game that is played world-wide, and it is an extremely dangerous one that has very little link to feminism (but like many bullying tactics, has a lot to do with 'winning at life').

    To summarise: adulthood brings responsibility, yes, but only because it brings the ability to make choices. There exist adults who are considered incapable of handling the full responsibilities of adulthood – some individuals with mental disabilities, for example, and arguably convicted criminals. It has been many years since it was widely accepted in the US that people with ovaries should be part of that list (in the Islamic fundamentalist states, of course, women are listed right up at the top). Palin would like to place women back on that list, as she feels that they will mishandle their responsibilities without the federal government's active intervention in their lives. For myself, I would respectfully submit that this is incompatible even with (oft-cited in the last few days) Susan B. Anthony's 19th century viewpoint on feminism, as she appears to have seen the provision of many birth control options as her favored solution to the problem of abortion. She's probably turning in her grave at some of the viewpoints that have been attributed to her recently…

  45. Joel_101 says:

    An admirable statement and a great attitude.

    I agree, it seems that hate sometimes would rule the day, as opposed to engaging conversation and an open mind.

    I realize that and I understand anger. No apology necessary and thank you.

    I am sure they knew about the pregnancy, but I am also sure that McCain and/or his staff are not that stupid. Contrary to what some might think or say ?. I understand that the ticket has a pro-life belief, but I do not see an agenda. Let me explain. One would have to be very foolish to have an agenda with this at the national level due to the divisiveness of the issue. The same can be applied to the other ticket as well. The last time this became an issue for law it polarized this nation and we still see those results. In my opinion it’s an unfortunate precedent only by where it was decided… but that is our legal system. It should have never HAD to go there. Although I do not believe in abortion for convenience, I do support the right of an individual to have a choice. Although I am going to vote for McCain, if there were any attempts to change the ruling, I would be one of the first to voice my dissent.

  46. Mark says:

    Marian you are woman after my own heart the kind of woman I would give my heart soul for who understands the men and women are different, but equil in God's eyes at least there a few people who have it fiqured out. You are also right that feminist in the Susan B. Anthony mode were Proverbs 31 women like yourself and you should be proud of who you are and what you stand for you go girl and God bless you and your family

  47. Mark says:

    How about about speak it . I am also tired of these little girly men who are intimidated by the feminatzis who hate men and family and love all the is wacko and counter to freedom and liberty. I tell the tide is turning and who ever you are you should run for office to expose all this bs of people who supposidly support women

  48. SisterMidnight says:

    Not sure how polar bears, “big” oil (as opposed to small oil?), and lack of international experience are femisit issues. Is Barack “anti-femisit” at least as far as his thin record goes? Is McCaim pro-feminist, at least as far as his experience goes. Your rant failed to follow its stated premise.

  49. jon says:

    Team Obama is anti woman, face it They could have picked hillary as V.P. But when back to the old boy network. What team Obama done to hillary is now doing to palin. Now the woman hating media is join with team Obama. How evil.

  50. mark says:

    Actually it is the media who is making a big deal of this situation and they are doing it because she dose not agree with them. That is discusting, Sarah Palin is not perfect and niether is her daughter but at least they are taking responsibility for what has happened. That is more than I can say for a lot of people. This kind of personal attacks on Sarah will backfire, this woman is no fool, she is a strong bold feminist who choose to be prolife and stand up for all children and the media can't stand it

  51. Mark says:

    Global Warming is a bunch of bunk so are these nasty attacks on Sarah Palin's personal life. This woman has accomplished way more than Obama and why don't we here about that. Besides Sarah is not on the top of the ticket. You watch she will hit a home run tonight and who cares what the liberal press says I think the American people will see the real Sarah not some double standard liberal bs

  52. germaine says:

    no, they didn't choose… it all was was passed down through generations… the good part is that the following is not the end of the story… there is redemption… there is grace no matter what… there should be no hatred… no us and them… only love… we need to come from a stand point of love hatred will get us no where… look at where hatred has brought us so far….

    Romans 1:18-32 – “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

    For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles.

    Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

    Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

    Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done. They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; they are senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless. Although they know God's righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.”

  53. Matthew says:

    Oh yeah, of course. Any woman who doesn't believe in murdering her offspring isn't a woman. Right.

    The next step, naturally, is for liberals to claim that anyone who disagrees with them isn't human, and thus can be murdered without legal repurcussions. This fits naturally with the liberal culture of death that Orwell warned us of in 1984

  54. Eric says:

    Feminism is supposed to be about equality for women. This blog just reveals the truth behind feminism, they are for equality of women….. when that women is a liberal democrat.

  55. Mark says:

    Eric, well a true feminist who actually loves children, men and families- Sarah Palin delivered a good speech so I think the tide is turning and hopefully we will see a return of values to this country. We need to seriously defuse this bs that only liberal democrats are feminist and have to be pro abortion. Nothing could be farther from the truth the original feminist Susan B Anthony was a strong woman of strong moral charicter and this is the same person the Sarah Palin is and it is great becaue they don' know what to do. I would love to see her debate a feminatzi should would eat them up. Maybe Sarah vs Ceile Richards CEO of Planned Parenthood. Thats what we need in this country debate and diversity of ideas.

  56. Chris says:

    Thanks for that succinct Palin summary. Thank, God, there are other people out there who have recognized Palin for what she represents. I think it's also important to mention that both Palin and her husband attended AIP (Alaskan Independence Party) conventions…. and Palin not only attended at least one in person, she addressed them via satellite at their March 2008 rally. This is a woman who bills herself as American, but who also supports a statewide vote on secession. The last time this was proposed, we had a little thing called the Civil War….

  57. kristi says:

    To me, abortion has to do with the fact that it should be the woman's choice to decide what happens to her body. If a woman cannot even say what happens to her own body, she can't control anything else either.

  58. Joel_101 says:

    Please show evidence to that for us all – beyond any media rhetoric – I for one have never found that information…. so please, I want the evidence.

  59. dd_eskimo says:

    “when Palin has no experience at all”? How can you say that? It just discredits you. She was a mayor and a governer….and very effective at both positions. The fact that you are diminishing her experience indicates that you are not very intellectual. Or maybe you don't value the contributions of a woman?

  60. cancankant says:

    I sure do share the opinion that having sex with a fertile male partner without using birth control is pretty irresponsible. I'm not sure if they planned to have a child or if it was an “oopsie” moment. Women over 40 need to know the risks. I personally know a woman in the same boat as Palin. Didn't practice birth control her whole life. Got pregnant in her 40s and had a Down Syndrome baby.

    Anybody else wonder where her head is in regards to raising this child? I can't imagaine having a two income family and a special needs child. She seems to pick and choose what constitutes a “conservative” stance. If you're so pro-family, why not stay home with your son? I can hardly believe Dad will be quitting his oil company job to stay home with the baby.

    The whole issue with her daughter just shows how well abstinence only works. Her daughter hooked up with a guy. They didn't practice birth control & look what happend. Now what happens? Do you really think the hockey hot shot will stick around and marry the daugher? My guess is he'll go to college and figure a way to weasel out of it. Then the daughter will be looking for her mother for help raising the baby. Nice, huh?

  61. Anti-Palin says:

    She's not a feminist

    –She believes in no abortion for INCEST AND RAPE

    She's the ANTI-WOMAN!

  62. April says:

    I think you are amazing, I think your views are the views of the next generation of women who are not only proud to be women, but will DEMAND equality in every aspect of their lives. Palin does not support this, times are changing and they are changing into times of EQUALITY not just for women, but for everyone, she need's to catch up or get out. She can NOT push creationism on my child, and frankly if she does then my daughter will be the one who gets to go to the library during that class because I will not agree with her hearing anyone's religious beliefs being taught as fact in a public school. Her environmental views make me fu***** sick, he “women's rights” views appall me, I would never support this woman, and I hope to god she DOES NOT become vice.

    I'm a single mother, and hearing creationism and abstinence all my life didn't work for me either, I feel bad for her daughter and the situation she is in BECAUSE of her mother.

  63. misha says:

    All the reasons you mention you hate Sarah Palin for is why i love her!!! :-)

  64. muckem09 says:

    That was an awesome post….I don't understand how all these feminists don't understand that they are only hurting themselves and their gender as a whole by foisting a corrupt set of values upon our society…I'm only glad they didn't get to me or i might not be able to partake in all the joys of motherhood that I am newly experiencing…Oh, and i'm also glad they weren't able to indoctinate my husband before i got to him either because I enjoy being the wife of a REAL man, something we sadly rarely see anymore

  65. muckem09 says:

    I gotta say I agree with everything you are saying…My pastor is the leader of a pro-life group called Missionaries to the Preborn and I think every argument you have made are ones my pastor has. He has a website for the group called You should go to it if you are interested. The group has been amazingly successful and has shut down the majority (7 out of 9) abortion clinics in Milwaukee, WI (where the group is based) since its startup in 1990. There are also a lot more interesting facts on the site and the accomplishments of the group. Also, I want to let you know that any unbiased person would be able to tell that you are making logical arguments supported with great evidence and facts. I love how the moderater calls your side of the intelligent argument the two of you are having “venom” and is warning you to stop. I guess we know who the real close-minded one is.

  66. Mark says:

    Sarah Palin is a women after my own heart, she is woman of charter her loves God, Family and Country and put other needs before her own. April, Govenor believes in having both evelution and creationism taught in schools. We need to be country that is tollerent of viewpoints other than ones we deem to be correct that it is good to have discussion and debate issues in safe environment that is respectful of others. We have a great and free country because it was found on moral principles. You do not have to believe in them, but you still have benifited from them. I have seen communist countries they are not a preaty site. I respect your opinion even though I disagree.

  67. independent woman says:

    Women have plenty of reproductive choices. Either take birth control or DONT HAVE SEX….It don't matter how you look at abortion, its MURDER. Why is it ok for a woman to murder a child but not ok for the father of that child to murder the woman who aborted that baby????? Come back with its not really a human. Well I got news for you on that. If its growing, its alive and raring to go. You losers just have to have some kind of reason for you to believe that its ok to murder someone. Come on…..Anyone who has an abortion should be tried for murder and any DR who allows it should be tried too. In the case of incest or rape….there are plenty of couples out there that cannot have children of their own who would love these babies…..

  68. Joel_101 says:

    I am a tad confused here.

    So she believes that – until she tries to force her belief on me – IT DOESN”T MATTER. There are pro life and pro choice people in both parties. This issue is highly polarizing and divisive and I find it hard to believe (regardless of words) that anyone would try to change it. To overturn Roe vs. Wade would not be simple, nor would it be something achieved in a short amount of time, and it would be fought tooth and nail all around this country. Although I do not believe in abortion for convenience, I do believe in our freedom, consequently, I and many others would protest such action. I have not found any evidence that leads me to believe that she pursued such a thing in the Alaskan legislature over the last two general sessions. There were two bills she might have supported if they made it off the floor. One was for minor children under 17 to require parental consent, and one dealt with partial birth abortion.

    Where can I find information besides media rhetoric that says she won’t fund sex education? The only thing I can find is that she supports teaching comprehensive sex education (abstinence as well other) and she opposes explicit sex education. As for me I believe that my children should be presented with everything, allowing them to think for them selves. If my school system leaves something out or adds something I did not already communicate, my children know that they can discuss those matters with me. Interestingly enough, all the non biased surveys of parents in several western countries show that a majority do not approve of explicit sex education. I’ll provide links if necessary.

    Where can I find information besides media rhetoric that says she doesn’t support equal pay? Actually – Equal pay is supposed to be covered under The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions, equal pay act.

    If you are referring to guilt by association with John McCain and his absence and subsequent statement about not signing the bill that would kill the 180 day limit in the Ledbetter supreme court ruling, then you should research why he would not sign it. I found lots of evidence that McCain supports equal pay (even though there is a law already) but does not support some of the consequences of an open ticket on time limitations. Rationally this makes sense, our court systems are already jammed with junk.


    “I think the same goes for the concept of equal pay for equal work now championed by Barack Obama. Barack Obama says that if a woman does the exact same work as a man, she should be paid the exact same amount. In theory, I agree with the Senator. In practice, equal pay for equal work is a nebulous concept that is difficult to determine, even more difficult to legislate, and a total nightmare to enforce. No two employees are the same. Even if they are doing the same job description, they bring different experience and qualifications to the job. There are many reasons why two employees are not paid the same. Yet, government is going to mandate that if one is a woman and the other is a man, they are paid the same.

    Obama's idea is yet another well meaning idea that in practical terms will increase government bureaucracy, government intrusion in private business, and worse government corruption. This is exactly the sort of law that those with connections get a pass from and those without one get scrutinization. Barack Obama champions equal pay for equal work but he never says how he will implement such an idea.”

    If the current labor laws do not work – which include equal opportunity, pay, discrimination, etc… Then lobby to reform the laws.

    Here – I’ll get you started. Research, on the internet, for any non-profit groups that already advocate/support your position and get involved with them. If you can’t find any, don’t like the one(s) you find, or just want to start something yourself, research starting a non-profit and get involved. Or you could just start a web page dedicated to the topic. Maybe include links to Congress persons by state etc…. The internet can be your friend, but the key here is to get involved. Misplaced rhetoric and dogma presented as facts won’t get anything accomplished, with the exception of polarizing people that you may want to convince to support the cause/issue etc..

  69. Charles says:

    She is NOT anti-birth control, per Time Magazine.
    Get your facts straight. Dems are so unnerved by her that they are creating their own facts.

  70. joe amerika says:

    palin and bush, oh what a wonderfucked world

  71. Joel_101 says:

    What is freedom ?

    How about we do not teach anything in school?
    In order to be fair and free – no one should be able to push any single view on anyone else.
    I respect your right and freedom to have evolution or other beliefs taught in schools.
    Why then can people not accept creationism or other points of view, contrary to their own, be taught along side?

    Do we consider our children stupid?
    Do we consider our parents not capable of communicating their beliefs to their children?

    What is it?

    Why should you be any more or less free than anyone else in this country?

    One persons fact may be anothers fiction.

    As an educated person, is their 100% factual proof that explains how we humans arrived here on planet earth? No, there isn't – from big bang and evolution to creationism and everything in between – it's all theory or faith, not fact.

    We had the right to choose for ourselves, should our children be any different?

  72. Joel_101 says:

    Please explain

  73. anthony says:

    Your comments are so stupid. Women should not have the right to choose to kill babies through abortion any more than people having a right to snort cocaine with their bodies. You talk about Repoductive Rights. Nobody says you don't have a right to reproduce. You must be on drugs to have dreamed up that one. When someone says Reproductive Rights, what they really mean is Deconstruction Rights or Demolition Rights, because that is what abortion is. It is not Reproducing. It is Deconstructing.

  74. anthony says:

    I stood on the street the other day and I asked around fifty educated women who were leaving office buildings where people worked in degreed professional jobs, juding by the way they were dressed and looked, and nearly all of them said they would vote for McCain, now that he chose a real woman. That is good I say. I will take Sara over a Feminiazi like Hillary any day.

  75. anthony says:

    You Feminists go around talking about equality. Equality to you means getting men to be your sugardaddys, killing babies through abortion, and not pulling your own wait as citiziens in doing your fair share of defending the country. Instead of banning together make it to where you have equal rights to get to fight on the front lines during wartime, you go to the military and try to get all the men in trouble for sexual harrassment. And now that Palin presents an opportunity for women to be President someday, you want to trash her because she does not like to kill babies at abortion clinics like you do.

  76. melissa says:

    Here's a newsflash: judging by the way a woman dresses or looks does NOT constitute a “degreed professional”. Office buildings are full of non-degreed personnel, honey. Not everybody can be a CEO. That being said, “degreed professional” also does not denote “politically educated”. Your assumptions and generalizations are laughable. And who dragged Hillary into this? Since she's not even on a ticket, I fail to see the relevance of that statement.

    Since you have so much time to stand around on the street, I can only assume you're independently wealthy, and in that case, it's a pretty good indicator as to why you're pushing for McPalin. If you're not then you're just unemployed (with the time to talk to a whopping FIFTY women on the street? That's just about an all-day task) in which case I sincerely suggest you look farther into Obama/Biden.

  77. Joel_101 says:

    I really do not agree with your comments regarding women in the military.

    Law prevents them from occupying certain specialties in the military. Many women in the military do not like this fact and someday it will change.

    I've seen women bleed on the modern battlefield too and you do all military members as well as all that have sacrificed themselves for this country a disservice with that statement. Women have put their lives at risk for this country since its birth. Honor, courage, duty, and country first is not something that belongs to just men.

    As for sexual harassment in the military – that statement isn’t true either. Women are no different in exploiting situations than men in the military. Many of them do get sexually harassed, even by other women.

  78. April says:

    I can't begin to tell you how not only offending, but also ignorant your comments are.

    And I'm going to stop there, because unlike you, the rest of the decent population can have a debate without turning it into some kind of mudslinging hate-fest.

    believe in peace, and it will happen.

  79. Abe says:

    As a fellow Christian I appreciate that someone has made the point that what many anti-abortion activists are doing is directly contradictory to what Jesus would do. I actually was forced to leave the church that I grew up in, was baptized in, had my first communion and confirmation in because hypocritical social conservatives thought that it was the job of our church to preach hate. I have never had an abortion, nor will I ever get one unless I was raped. However, I know that Jesus would not try to deter abortion by yelling at young scared women that they are going to hell or stopping motorists on a busy small town road holding pictures of aborted fetuses and being verbally abusive to a young mother who had her young children in the car who were disturbed by the images (something that actually happened in my home town and was supported by members of my former church). As I was witnessing this scene, I wanted to ask all these middle aged men why they were not at home raising their daughters to have the self esteem and self sense of self worth that is needed to say no to pre-marital or unprotected sex in this day and age, or whether they were raising their sons to respect women, always use protection, and be responsible and supportive if their girlfriend or daughter gets pregnant.

    Young women who get abortions are not sociopaths and murderers, in most cases they are scared, they don't have the support of their family or the guy that got them pregnant, they don't have the money for prenatal visits or to keep the baby, or God forbid they were raped. I have compassion for these young girls and I don't think that cutting off their access to safe abortions is doing anything but compounding the damage of a bad situation. As a Christian I think the best way to approach the situation is to first start in the family and raise your daughters with self esteem and your sons with responsibility. I also think that as a country we need to do more to support young poor mothers so that they have what they need to get through a pregnancy, without which they might turn to abortion. I think that Christians that hide behind the bible and preach that all women that have abortions are going to hell and have never lifted a finger to drive a young poor women to a prenatal visit or donated money to make birth control available to low income neighborhoods is a hypocrite and gives a bad name to Christians.

  80. Abe says:

    I resent the use of the word “feminazi”. In any debate I don't understand why derogatory terms and labels have to be brought into the conversation. I think that what is at the heart of what makes someone a good feminist is someone that respects each woman's right to decide what she wants in life, free of constraints that are placed on her solely because of her gender. I respect Sarah Palin for carrying her baby through to term it is a hard decision. However, I think that with every decision comes responsibility. I think that if you chose to be a mother of a child with special needs you need to make a special commitment to that child (i.e. not going off to run for the second highest office in the land). I fear whether she will have the time and love to commit to a child with down syndrome when she is in Washington and working full time (The Alaskan Legislature is only in session for 90 days barring any special sessions).

    And P.S. abstinence only sex education is irresponsible and dangerous. Pregnant is not the only thing that you can get from unprotected sex, HIV, Herpes, etc. I was raised Christian and as such was taught to be abstinent but I also know that sex happens and I am not going to plug my ears and close my eyes and pretend that it won't if all that kids ever hear is “don't have sex”. Raise your kids with values and principles but equip them with the tools they need that if they make a bad decision a pregnancy or even worse a serious disease is not the consequence.

  81. Abe says:

    I don't think that any parent with an infant that is special needs should be rushing off to run for office. I think that children suffer due to their parents political careers. But I think that if your children require extraordinary care it is proportionally irresponsible to commit to such a labor intensive job. Part of feminism is that women have the right to chose whether they want a family or not. However, I think that once you make that choice you have to live up to your responsibilities. I fear that either the office of the VP or the newborn is going to inevitably suffer neglect.

  82. Gina says:

    I understand why the feminists disagree with some of Sarah Palin's views, like abortion, and I understand their disappointment at loosing Hillary as the first female President, or Vice President. But, now they have a real chance to elect the first ever female Vice President. A woman who exemplifies so many amazing qualities, including her successes and 85% approval rating as Alaska's governor, mother of five, and the whole nine yards. In addition to breaking the glass ceiling, Palin can finally bring about tremendous reforms for women. As International abuses keep coming to light regarding women's rights, including everything from burkas, to white slavery, to honor killings, you would certainly think that women would be tripping over themselves to elevate one of their own to such a high position. What a shame the feminists are so petty that they can't see the big picture, set aside their conflicting grievances, and make a couple of concessions, in order to progress in such a big way.

  83. Abe says:

    Just a clarification on the women in the military comment. Women are allowed to be in support battalions though are not allowed in battle battalions. I do not think that this distinction lessens the significance of their sacrifice and due to unique circumstances in the war in Iraq women are in danger even though they are not in these battalions. Though I am a feminist I don't think that women should be on the front lines. This is not due to any objection to the physical or mental abilities of women but the fact that when I asked my friends and family members that serve in the military they said that if they had a women in their battle battalion they would be focused on keeping her safe and not the goals of the mission and their own safety. Unless general protective attitudes of men in the military changed I would feel uncomfortable with women on the front lines. Not to say whether the attitudes of men are right or wrong.

  84. Abe says:

    I love my God, family and country. I think that morals are the basis for healthy families and the respectful and compasssion treatment of others. To imply that Sarah Palin has values and morals and that is why I am opposed to her is inaccurate. I believe that morals and values are something that should be taught in the family and not legislated. Furthermore, I doubt that the VP will ever be in a position where they are affection abortion policy. Therefore, if family values and pro-life is all that she has to bring to the ticket, she will be a worthless and ineffectual VP.

  85. Joel_101 says:

    Well – Having served for over 20 years – the last 12 in special operations and an additional 10 years after that as a contract employee in special operations, I do not agree.

    In my opinion – your comment belittles women (and men) in the military.

    I have served with women on the front lines and beyond and never once did I consider them any different. So, even though by law they can not occupy combat arms specialties, they are there. Tactical Communications jamming and interception, interrogators, medics, doctors, truck drivers, and this list could get very long.

    This battlefield dynamic exposing everyone to enemy fire etc… did not start with the current conflicts. Do I need to cite historical examples ?

    That argument as to why not have women in combat arms specialties is getting old – That and the other one about popular opinion when seeing dead women come home in body bags.

    I respect your opinion, please respect mine.

  86. Joel_101 says:

    I do not necessarily agree.

    My parents divorced when I was 11, just before my father passed away.
    My only sibling was a female special needs child.
    My mother had to work.
    We had no immediate family in California.

    My mother made it work with supportive friends and using me to care for my sister after school.


    I am a single father of 4 children, 2 of which are minors.
    Their mother passed away 10 years ago this December.
    I am disabled and recently (a year ago) unemployed.
    I have no living immediate family beyond my children.
    My oldest daughter lives close by.
    I do not draw from social security or welfare.

    We make it work.

    Women are not the only ones in a family that are responsible for raising the children. Not to mention there are other options such as nannies, etc…

  87. Vanessa says:

    Hello there,

    As human beings we all are different and have different perspectives on life and on what's right and wrong. The fact that Sarah Palin is a Christian and has certain believes and convictions about life, marriage, the environment, etc. does not make her less of a woman. I have similar views and I do not consider myself less a woman because of that. I also do not think that you are less of a woman because of your take on different issues. We all come from different backgrounds, and believe it or not, are all very different, even though we are all human beings. It's great that we live in this country and can fight for what we believe in, but lets not attack each other (especially “woman against woman”) because we have different perspectives or believes or whatever you want to call them. You nor I nor Sarah P. are less women because we are pro-life or not, because we don't hunt or do, because we are Christian or not, because we wear pants or not, because we are a liberal or a democrat or a republican, etc. Fight for what you believe in, but try not to hurt anyone, especially your “own”, in the process. To me, it is a great accomplisment for a woman to reach such a status in our country. She is still a woman no matter how you portray her, no one can change that. That's the beauty of being a woman or a man or just a human being in this country, you can fight for what you believe in and what you think is right, even when the fight is tough and reaching the goal might seem slow. Fight but with dignity and respect.

    Also, your life is what you make it. We all have to take responsability sooner or later. If someone enlist in the army, let it be because they want to serve their country and if not, then let them take responsability for it. I come from a poor family and that didn't make me want to enlist or live off the govenment, on the contrary, it made me want to study hard and go to college. If we would teach our children, from a young age, not just at home but in school and on TV, to be motivated, to reach high, to focus on a goal until reached, etc., etc., there will be a time in those children's life, when they will have to choose and hopefully they will choose to better themselves. Then there will come another moment in their life when they will have to take responsability for the choices they made. I'm not saying we are all the same and that every child would choose the right thing. I understand that there are different difficult circumstances, backgrounds, etc. But if we would make an effort to make this a better world to live in, not by hateful remarks but by working hard and accomplishing what we set our minds on, then we would set a very good example for the next generation. Lets show them hard work, respect, dignity and sobriety.

  88. sarahpalinfan says:

    Its funny how much people hate sarah Palin and they try to create sarah palin scandals just to knock her. I think mccain is gonna win and i was supporting obama till last week.

  89. Danielle says:

    Sisters are doing it for themselves!
    Look up Feminist then look up Integrity then look up Hypocrite.
    Im proud as punch for Sara!
    You leftys are so very empty and ugly standing next to her.
    Whos gonna get shot now and wht?

  90. Danielle says:

    Well the Mommy Dearest Feminists are gonna loose this election for Obama.

  91. Joyce Grant says:

    I supported Hillary. You sound like a bias kook. I googled this article for a class research project about media bias and Palin. Some American's have common sense and communication degrees. We know what your type of negative spin journalism is about. Sarah Palin is the face of the political future. Deal with the fact, woman identify with and like her. What we don't like is negative bloviators like you.

  92. M.Hopton says:

    Don't be such a cry baby. Sarah Pailin is a feminist in the purest sense of the word.

  93. Louisa says:

    I find it a terrible shame that feminism has reached the point of stagnation. It's all about me woman, me. I don't have to have values, morals, and can work on insignficant things to change rather than thiings worthwhile. Pick on Palin, she's no feminist, don't pick on Clinton because she is. Ah, the reverse is true.
    Palin is in a position that all women really would like to be in. She has found that she is treated equally and with respect, she has a husband that supports her career and does his share of family work as she has. No one else rasied their kids and they, at least have manners. And Palin has more experience than Clinton.
    Clinton has worked as a lawyer and has held office. Fours years of that office has been spent campaigning. And if you think she has world experience in managing things, she doesn't. She was a First Lady. Now, unless she would like to admit that she ran the country rather than her husband, then perhaps she does have the experience. I have been with both of these women and seen their work. Palin reaches out to every person whether they believe in abortions or not, whether they are gay or not. She is respectful of all people.
    Clinton is not respectful of all people. She and her family have been incredibly rude to military members, heard them myself. She does not have good foreign policy, making the King and King Of Sweden, visiting dignitaries to this country by invitation, wait for hours at the entryway of the White House for several hours is bad foreign policy. The Clintons do not have any knowledge of protocol or manners. She stayed and supports a philandering man. As a mother of a young and impressionable daughter. it was very feminist of her.
    And why am I so down on the feminist movement? Here's why. Instead of working on the real issues that face women, they call women to change their last name if it ends in man to something else. It's real. It happened to me. And ten years later this same caller became the mayor of Sacramento and decided to spend more than $300,000.00 to run a contest to rename manhole covers. And then more than one million dollars to have the books change to use the new name. When wasting money on something so insignificant rather than to help educate women, provide child care, or health care, then I find myself ashamed of NOW and some so-called feminists. And to diss, put down, degrade Stay at home moms, the ones who volunteer to teach your kids to read or do math while you are busy with your life, is an insult to the real feminists are there and of which I am one.
    By the way, Palin doesn't want abstinence only taught as sex education. She wants it taught alongside the present ways,sex education its taught. So please, become informed before you become incensed. Thanks for letting me comment to you,

  94. Ezekiah David says:

    While this is a small distinction (and weeks after the post, I've been without internet and have been trying to catch up), and not related to the main thrust of the post, I still have to say it.
    Brandon Teena wasn't gay. (At least, since his murder happened because of his sex with women, I'm going out on that limb there).
    The fact is, being trans is not like being “extra gay” as an acquaintence of mine once asked me. Transmen and women have as many sexual identities as cisgendered women and men (which is to say, a whole hell of a lot). And while it is gratifying to see feminist writing acknowledging transphobic murders, it is less exciting when writing on the topic overlooks the difference between gender and sexual identity. (On that note, I'd like to preemptively point out that Gwen Araujo, another tragic victim of transphobia, was also not a gay man).
    (This isn't meant to be too much of a rebuke, just a gentle reminder) When writing about trans individuals, please be sure to get pronouns checked, and not assume sexualities. Thank you!

  95. Hillary Flintstone says:

    Like Adolf near the end… Feminist leaders are ordering around armies that dont exist anymore.
    Why dont you call a march on Washington? Show your face, show your POWER. Put the left wing circus on the 6 O clock news… I dare yaa.

  96. Hillary Flintstone says:

    You could have simply stated that while we dont agree with Sara's politics, its still a good thing that the right now has a power player that should better understand womans issues. We wish her luck and defeat both at the same time…. Done. Slightly positive with a negitive spin. Then you can get on with electing Obama.
    But thats not to be… you would rather run this race with 500 lbs of Sara Palin on your backs… good luck and see you at the finish line.

  97. Hillary Flintstone says:

    This isnt about winning its about survival. 60s Feminism has enjoyed tongue and cheek support with quiet distain for a long time. Sara and her nouveau right wing variety of feminism will have the support of men behind it. Now these right wing women will not be fooled into being simple dupes for men in the political arena. (way to smart). Men simply have to support this new branch on the feminist tree then sit back and enjoy the show. You are up against the ying and yang of humanity… play time is over girls.

  98. Hillary Flintstone says:

    Sara cant be destroyed because millions upon millions of men support her. Sure your liberal journalists and media friends are doing their best but… She still walks on water. You went to far with the bogus Hillary/Obama fight and now you get to taste your own medicine. For 2 years you have been taunting the right… and now your surprised with your bloody nose. You need new leaders who understand respect and limits are as much part of the game as politics and tribalism. Stick your neck out to far and what happens?

  99. You can't handle the truth says:

    What are your sources for any of this ramble Menstrual Poetry? Are you relying solely on the liberal press to gain dexterity? You are not credible, nor do you speak to others in a respectful manner if they disagree with your VERY VERY slanted liberal position. You speak in circles and I suppose eventual you will catch your tail, but it seems you have done a fabulous job of sticking your foot in your mouth on more than one occasion.

    You rely on and maybe even depend on the rights that you hold so dear, however continue to elect big government officials that desire to strip them from you! Just because you have the freedom to speak; doesn't mean that you should speak without knowing all of the facts; not to mention skewing them!

    So what is your view point Mrs. NOT Menstrual Poetry on killing babies? Do you think that after a time in the womb it is wrong, or do you think that as soon as the woman decides, after all it's her body; the baby should be aborted? Where does the father play in to this role? Certainly when I was younger I was pro choice, because it fit my selfish desires, i.e. I get a woman preg and she aborts, or at least she better, because I can't worry about taking care of a child. I was not taught abstinence, however I wish I was! I was taught have safe sex and my mother bought me condoms. The more sex I had the more sex I wanted and guess what I didn't use the condoms and I contracted diseases and even got a girl preg. Boy was I happy when the baby aborted! I even prayed that if God would grant me this prayer I would shape up!! I eventually did, but not before contracting an incurable disease. Oh yes, thank you Planned Parenthood for giving more condoms, that I didn't use and curing me of some of my diseases, sucks you couldn't get rid of all of them. Lot of f-ing good the whole safe sex thing did for me! I wasn't raised in a religious environment. My parents were hippies and they loved to party and have multiple partners and what ever felt good! One of them is dead and the other is dying. Since you were a church goer than you know “sins of the flesh”! And btw, being a church goer I was not impressed with your so called knowledge of the Bible. Did you say something about praying in the privacy of your own home? Where does it say that? Or maybe you meant “do not preach from rooftops”! Who knows, it goes back to you speaking in circles, maybe you get confused when there is a heated debate that doesn't fit your forum, or match your political views. Real suprising!

    It's nice to see a woman have enough guts to protect women! Has anybody on here spoken how much damage and abortion does to a woman’s body? I know I read the very patient, much laid back gentleman, Mark speak about suicide and the repeat offenders, i.e., multiple abortions. He was way more conservative in his approach than me. Choose abortion; choose to kill. It's that simple. If you plan on f-ing plan on having a kid, cause it can happen. Even to you woman out there that have been told by an expert that it can't. I guess, unless of course you have had your reproductive organs removed. My sincere apologies if that has happened to you, especially if you were hoping to have children. Back to Palin; I admire her views and her steadfast convictions about doing what is right all the time. I used to live in AK and know about the scandals that wreaked havoc on that state. She has done a fabulous job of standing up to both Republicans and Democrats.

    Feminism is a discourse that involves various movements, theories, and philosophies which are concerned with the issue of gender difference, advocate equality for women, and campaign for women's rights and interests.[1][2][3][4][5] According to some, the history of feminism can be divided into three waves.[4][6] The first wave was in the nineteenth and early twentieth century’s, the second was in the 1960s and 1970s and the third extends from the 1990s to the present.[7] Feminist theory emerged from these feminist movements.[8][9] It is manifest in a variety of disciplines such as feminist geography, feminist history and feminist literary criticism.

    Feminism has altered predominant perspectives in a wide range of areas within Western society, ranging from culture to law. Feminist activists have campaigned for women's legal rights (rights of contract, property rights, voting rights); for women's right to bodily integrity and autonomy, for abortion rights, and for reproductive rights (including access to contraception and quality prenatal care); for protection from domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape;[10][1] for workplace rights, including maternity leave and equal pay; and against other forms of discrimination.[11][12][13]

    I have included above Wikipedia's definition of Feminism – As it seems there is some confusion on this Blog about it.

    When does an embryo have a heartbeat? Most women, no offense probably don't know, especially the ones considering an abortion. I have included the website below and the information for your review.
    Vital Systems – The Beating Heart
    Only 3 weeks and 1 day after fertilization – the heart begins to beat.1 By 4 weeks; the heart typically beats between 105 and 121 times per minute.2

    Hmm, would you consider something that has a heartbeat to be alive, or dead? Furthermore ending the heart beat; would that mean killing something? And finally killing that something (soon to be your child) with out their consent; murder? Well who knows about the last question, right? , because it doesn't really sound dreamy when you talk about killing a child. And I haven't met too many blobs that have heart beats, however I digress.

    Back to feminism – It's always interesting to me how, so called feminists vote for an office (Clinton) that is so blatantly disgusting towards women and their rights! I'm sorry what does that mean exactly, Mr. Clinton? I think he thought it meant you have the right to jack me off, or stick my thing in your mouth. And if you tell anybody about it I will lie. NO wait he told the truth, because oral sex isn't really sex. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” Gotta love you die hard Clinton fans though, because you “respect a woman that stood by her man”! So you respect either A. an enabler or B. somebody that does whatever it takes to promote their political power, awesome! So if it's B. does that person really give a rats crap what you think? Do they really care about you and your family? Doubt it! Truth sucks; I know!

    To the prolife person that dogs Palin for having a baby too old, and being irresponsible. You somehow expect people to accept your views; however you have no tolerance for other people’s views, or opinions, or lifestyles. Except maybe the ones you have adopted from the liberal press. You disgust me!

    I already know I am opinionated and have convictions, however at least I have them. While woman still have the right to kill babies; doesn' t mean I have to agree with it. Nor does it mean I have to condemn, or judge you! Just hope that I'm not standing right behind you on Judgement Day! No sense in disputing my last point; I assure you it's going to happen and I don't really care to hear back about your ramblings that it won't! We will all be judged!



    p.s. Do either parties really have the lock down? Is not the entire political government of our time corrupt?? The choice seesm rather simple though. Vote for higher taxes and communism, or vote for consistency and lower taxes.

    p.s.s. I have looked at Obama closely, maybe too close. I bet you think he's half black/half white, well he's not. He is for change though; changing his mind whenever it suits his needs. Gotta love how he backed out of his church in the final hour. And has anyone on here done a search regarding his family history. Get ready for jaw dropping material.


  100. LAL says:

    I haven't figured out why any Hillary supporter, myself included would ever like Sarah Palin. Everything she stands for is against everything Hillary stood for.

  101. Jay says:

    Its not about Hillary at all. Its about right wing women and the years of being told to sit down and shut up by the left wing sisters. They NOW have a VOICE and the SECRET GARDEN will never be the same. Good for Sara, good for woman. If your politics is so good it should be able to withstand the contrast.. LOL or not.

  102. kenner says:

    after reading this article i was absolutely sick, it kills me to hear how corrupt our society has become. it brightens my day to read a comment like yours, I completely agree with you. Its good to know that there really are some sane women left in our country.

    thank you and God bless

  103. Amanda says:

    You make me want to vomit.

    I am so glad I don't live in America right now. It really sucks that you only have option A or B, so right wing, bible thumping fanatics or semi left wing opposition.

    I'm sure that in 5 years you will be one of those people, that stands on the street corner screaming that we're all going to hell, or that soon we'll be marked by the beast (is this beast that scary half black man attempting to be the president).

    Forget logic, proof or just general sense, let's just take out the magic 8 ball and give it a shake, it'll tell us what to do next!

    I'm sure in a perfect world, white men like yourself will have total rule over all other minorities (blacks, asians, women etc.) Let's hope.

  104. mark says:

    I found it appalling at the Hypcrosiy of the Liberal Feminists, She is the Model that Feminists have been fighting for the last 30 years.


  105. Margaret Cleary says:

    You hateful article is exactly the reason that REAL women like Sarah Palin and the real reason that we – like her literally laugh out loud. If you were to say- she doesn't fit your mold for a feminist…maybe we wouldn't hold our noses when you start to speak. Funny the comment policy on this site describes what the author of this article has just done…

    Your intolerance of a differing view always make liberal feminist women burst into flames….you'd better call 911 because there are millions of us – just like her. You should be scared…you agenda & beliefs are NOT held by everyone- just those you chose to tolerate.

  106. Jeanie says:

    Thank you sarah Palin for being in touch with me and out of touch with montrous women who abort their chidlren, marry the same sex and break every one of Ten Commandments.

    When does the unborn child have no rights., There have been 43000 million abortions since Roe verses wadel. which means we have Dr. who do harm to children. So some of them possibly migbht be okayl. But this much I know many fine statesmen, artists, doctors and above all people paying into the social security are dead thanks to you women who are out of touch with humanity and God.

    As Mother Theresa so apty said: Who would believe that women who kill the neibhobr closest to them, their own chidlren.

    Yes I too am out of touch wth such evil and if being a women to you silly, anti-christtian women is out of touch lets take a poll and see how really out-of-touch you are with life, liberty and purshit of happiness . some of think gay marriage is disgusitng, ungodly and right down weird One more out of touch person who does not believe a women who kills her own child, would have more concern for my right—get real!!!!!

  107. Lindsey says:

    What has she accomplished? You don't beleive in global warming? WHere have you been? The attacks on Palins personal life may be a result of her parading her children around at every debate/rally.

  108. David Johnston says:

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  109. coolmind says:

    When will USA ever be true and honorable to every person? Perhaps never. USA is ruled and run by white Xtian men and they phukked up everything… and I'm a white man and it is obvious.

  110. maquillaje says:

    very interesting the post, i haven´t been reading about politic the last time, and i don´t know very much about politic of the world, but is important read about that

  111. dbjamn says:

    then why did she herself state that she WAS a feminist in her interview with katie couric?????? this is why I will NOT be voting for mccain…if SHE doesn't even know what she is… interview she is not and the next she is….figure it out sarah……really, she needs to be at home tending to her own family… her daughter out because she will need help if she marries the high school drop out…so much for sarahs push for kids not dropping out of high school and take care of that sweet baby boy who has down's syndrome….puh leease take care of tYOUR home front before you try to take care of the NATIONS home front!!!!!

  112. Well all your points are valid and I cant help but accept that she is not a feminist.

    Well feminist or not, she has not made much of a positive impact and at these closing days one can see the true steel in her. She cannot stand up for human rights and equality. She cant.

  113. Money Bush says:

    I learned a lot from this post.
    thankyou, and I just subscribed to the rest.

  114. I don't anticipate you accept to worry. Any cocky apropos Hillary adherent will see through this GOP created absurdity appropriate away. I absolutely enjoyed this column btw. While I acknowledge the actuality that Sarah Palin is a mother of 5 children, and a woman (though you may beg to differ), that is area our similarities end. I for one am not affairs the whole, “but, but, but you're a woman you just accept to vote for her” arguement. I don't apperceive too abounding able women who will.

  115. mom comix says:

    The fact is that it’s pretty generic… many pro-life advocates call themselves feminists too.

  116. mom comix says:

    Hey thanks you, i find this really helpful info

  117. Agree with you Joel. I love how people are trying to label who is a feminist or not. Who even gives a crap anyways.

  118. Nice post. Have bookmarked your blog and will be sure to come back soon!

  119. kelly babbit says:

    ya know what? all you feminist C**Ts have ever done or ever will do is enable men to reign superior -your walking contradictions and have the gender loyalty of a rattler- your biased fat asses are so freaking hypocritical that i want to puke! If ANY WOMAN OPOSESSES YOU AND HAS BELIEFS OF HER OWN TEN YOU ATTACK LIKE A PACK OF ALPHA DOGS!
    The reason you all hate Palin is very simple – PETTY COMMON JEALOUSY-She has done what none of you have been able to do- She has made it to the top , maintained her family life ,Husband and children (without her husband screwing around) , and looks great doing it. She didnot allow any one to tell her what to think feel or say- She bowed to NO MAN OR WOMAN! While a very small amount of feminist can actually lay claim to achieving the same accomplishments as Palin the one thing none of you can claim is the fact that “YOU DID IT ALL AND REMAINED A TRUE LADY”

  120. Before married is better not to do any thing with other women. It is better till wait for marriage.

  121. Christin says:

    Thought it may be an interesting read…was very wrong…you have no grasp of what a feminist is, and are a huge part of the problem with such a pigeon-holed focus and fear…

  122. sw says:

    Yes, The C**Ts here are setting back women years… Go ahead and hand your voting cards. Stupid lemmings.

  123. Jan says:

    She visited Asheville not too long ago and I heard her speak. She is an interesting lady, and I'm not sure I have her figured out. I think this is her speech:
    Sarah Palin in Asheville

  124. Maria_A says:

    this is an interesting story..i will read it more..thanks for the post..

  125. britneyoneil says:

    How about about speak it . I am also tired of these little girly men who are intimidated by the feminatzis who hate men and family and love all the is wacko and counter to freedom and liberty. I tell the tide is turning and who ever you are you should run for office to expose all this bs of people who supposidly support women

  126. britneyoneil says:

    How about about speak it . I am also tired of these little girly men who are intimidated by the feminatzis who hate men and family and love all the is wacko and counter to freedom and liberty. I tell the tide is turning and who ever you are you should run for office to expose all this bs of people who supposidly support women

  127. xyz says:

    I can see your point. It seems a lot of people think of a feminist as someone with a vagina. I am a woman, but I don't consider myself a feminist, but I do read blogs about them (I don't know why hahahaha >.>) I shake my head at the shame of people, don't they have a mind of their own? kingdom of heaven

  128. james001 says:

    The mainstream media seems confused these days. It appears that because Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin is a woman, she is also a feminist. And not just a feminist, but THE feminist – a sign that all is right in the world when it comes to gender equityCharlotte

  129. it doesnt matter who runs for office, things will never change in politics, they are all the same, they are all puppets who are told what to do, even sadly Obama

  130. emily murphy says:

    Are you kidding? Obama is the only free thinker in Washington. Palin needs to keep her trap shut, as every time she opens it, she is insulting my gender.

  131. I think Sarah Palin is a beautiful woman and sexy
    but sarah palin is not suitable as a politician

  132. i also think that but some of her opinions make me think the other way

  133. Edward L. Buchanan says:

    Not only do I not respect your opinion, I don't respect you or any other man who is not appalled at the thought of mothers, daughters, wives, etc. being killed or maimed in combat. That we're even debating this idea is a sign of just what a Godless and degenerate society we've become.

  134. Joel_101 says:

    Godless and degenerate ? I suppose all the women of history that fought in wars and died were all part of godless and degenerate societies ? Is being killed an maimed only relgated to the male gender ? Godless I am not – nor am I a degenerate sir.

    However, I do my own thinking and I have my own opinions.

    Since this topic was started a long time ago – please feel to continue this via email if you desire.

  135. Joel_101 says:

    my bad – old email

  136. Scott Nygard says:

    Supposedly I've heard that 50% of so called “Tea Party” members do not think that Sarah Palin is qualified to be president. I find this fact to be quite a relief…


  137. Alex Crux says:

    Yes a good article. I also heard this story of Elizabeth Delgado who could not get pregnant. She and her husband Igancio were trying to get pregnant and they finally did. You can see her story here:
    get pregnant

  138. It's good all this Sarah Palin stuff is dying down for the moment anyways. Like reading your posts.

  139. Mobilhuset says:

    I totally agree with you. There is no logic in this at all. – Ray J.

  140. Lewis Hooker says:

    Palin strongly supports big oil. Hell, not only does she support it, she’s profiting from it with her husband working for an oil company. A McCain/Palin ticket would mean just more of the same when it comes to going after countries for their oil–They both make a killing from it and us meager, middle class Americans can just keep enlisting in the military and having our lives taken away from us in vain to support the wallets of these people. Oh, did I mention she’s 100% pro-war? Yeah…no surprise.

  141. larry says:

    I haven’t figured out why any Hillary supporter, myself included would ever like Sarah Palin. Everything she stands for is against everything Hillary stood for.

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