Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Save Bitch!

Save Bitch Bitch Magazine is a non-profit, community-supported, feminist media organization. The people who work to bring us Bitch Magazine do it because it’s important; what feminists have to say about pop culture, the world, politics and so on is important and it is for that reason that I love Bitch.

I first found Bitch when I was at Borders Books & Music and the title alone caught my eye. Come on, with a name like Bitch, who is going to walk by and not be interested in what it is? So I picked it up and an hour later I was sitting on the floor of Borders unable to stop reading. Years later, nothing has changed; Bitch is full of intelligent, funny and thought-provoking articles that spark interest and importance in anyone who reads it. When independent publications are being forced to close shop, it is important to try to help where and when you can and I can’t think of another independent magazine I would support more in their mission to keep going and keep bringing feminist responses to the public.

Bitch’s fate is in our hands. Please donate today and make it possible for the vital voices of Bitch to keep going. Anything and everything helps, only if you send $5 or $10, it helps.

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  1. Sarah says:

    thanks for the heads up – re-posted!

  2. Renee says:

    It is my hope that Bitch can be saved. It is heart warming to see so many feminist bllogs post about this to raise awareness as well.

  3. Aphrodine says:

    I never heard of Bitch magazine before. I'm glad to see that they have raised enough funds to keep their magazine running. This definitely looks like a magazine that I can get behind and I plan to start my subscription when I get my next paycheck. Thanks for letting me know that this magazine exists.

  4. Bitch (or bitch) is a nonprofit, independent, quarterly magazine published in Portland, Oregon, that describes itself as a “Feminist response to pop culture”.

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